March 31st, 2021


Idol Survivor: "The Open Road"

The Open Road
idol survivor | daily-fic challenge, day 12 | 1340 words


If anyone had told me a year ago that I would someday miss biking near my office, I would have thought they were crazy. I had a 27-year history with that whole experience, ranging from danger and discomfort to mere inconvenience, not to mention the simple problem of boredom. But it turns out, boredom can have multiple aspects.

The micro-level boredom was obvious, but the meta-level boredom from losing that office option was not.

Near our house, we have a bike path that runs along the American River for a total of 30 miles. It's amazing—almost entirely shut off from traffic (except for a few access roads), and the main hazards are other cyclists, pedestrians, and randomly suicidal squirrels. It's one of the best features of this area.

Near my office, things are very different. There are regular streets (though many are in a semi-rural setting) and the main hazards are cars, trucks, semis, cars, metal shards, nails, glass, construction-staples, and also, cars.

When I first started working there so many decades ago, more of the surrounding area was rural. There were entire roads (or even just long stretches of them) that had only a couple of stop signs, nothing more. In just ten or fifteen minutes, you could bicycle in one of several directions and reach farming or grazing land. Of course, you had to be alert to the possibility of grazing herds being ON the road, because sometimes they got through the fence.

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