March 30th, 2021


Idol Survivor: "Some Other Legend"

Some Other Legend
idol survivor | daily-fic challenge, day 11


Once, fair maiden,
in all the days
and nights of Before,
you walked the earth
and sang the moon
to sleep, the stars
keeping watch and waiting
there to light your way.

Sun-kissed child, you bloomed
like a flower,
all aglow
with possibility
for a future
you thought your own.

How could you have known?

You might have heard
of vengeful dragons,
forgotten curses,
ancient alchemists,
all cruelly scheming
new entrapments
and twisted narratives
in tangled-up plots.
Not your story, surely,
and so you wandered on.

But still it found you—
the dreaded prophecy,
the doomed enchantment,
the sorcerer's scourge—
be it toad or locket
or spinning wheel,
whatever bane
you thought to escape.

Your childhood gone,
your innocence fled,
the threshold passed unseen
beneath your feet.

Now it is done.

Your finger pricked,
the apple bitten,
you fall into sleep
and into the Fate
that long ago marked you
as its own.