March 17th, 2021


The weekend was a blur \o?

You'd think I would remember more of it. I was there! But no.

There was no Idol story to write, though I did spend quite a bit of time at Tribal Council. I survived elimination there and have made it to the Final 3, so thank you for all of your support along the way! *hugs* We'll probably begin the series of final questions today or tomorrow that lead into the jury vote to determine the winner, so I expect that could be grueling.

I transitioned to a part-time schedule about 4 weeks ago, which I've been wanting to do for years. I now work an 80% schedule, and that did contribute to the blur, because I usually stay up late on Thursday nights and try to finish all the work I can for the week. \o?

Friday was some chores and a bit of cleanup around the house, and a 21-mile bike ride (to help make up for the windy/rainy week). That tired me out, so I went to bed a little early Friday night. Then minor tragedy struck on Saturday when I checked the clock after having finally dozed in bed long enough, and discovered that it was already NOON because I hadn't finished setting the alarm the night before. Augggghhh! I basically borked my day before I was even out of bed!

I was fairly sleepy all day Saturday (despite the extra snoozing), though I got out for a bike ride and some yard work. I went to bed on time, but I was semi-awake all night and then we lost an hour on Sunday to "spring forward." So, I obviously know why Sunday was vague. But three days of "Huh?" is more than I was expecting. \o?

I hate the time-change, mainly because I wish we could live on Daylight Savings Time all year round and the "spring forward" shift is brutal. But I do enjoy having it be light out much later in the day. And this winter is the first time I've really felt anything like Seasonal Affective Disorder. Previously, I was busy in the office most of the week, and if the weather was good enough I'd go outside to exercise at lunch. This year, thanks to working from home all the time, I'd get caught up doing stuff all afternoon and then fight to make it outside for a ride before it got too dark. And, of course, I can see the darkness outside the window late in the day at home. At work, the windows were behind me and hard to see, so I was less aware of how short the days were.

IDK. Let's just say that it has seemed like a long winter in a very long year. /o\