March 5th, 2021


I have tried

... so MANY times to like green tea, but I just can't do it. It always tastes like the Italian seasonings section of the spice cabinet, even when other stuff is added in.

I have a huge oversupply of tea now, after combining what I used to keep at the office with what I already had at home. Yesterday, I decided to use the lone packet of lemon chamomile tea I'd brought home from work. I couldn't remember if it was something I'd tried before and liked, or whether I'd come across it at the office coffee station and saved it because it looked interesting.

Clearly, it was the latter, and I was horribly wrong in ever thinking that it might be good. /o\

It was secretly a flavored green tea, and in fact tasted exactly like a bunch of Italian herbs that someone had dragged a couple of lemon slices through. Blargh. :(