March 1st, 2021


Voting ends today...

in just a few hours for this week's Idol Survivor poll! If you could throw a vote my way, I would sure appreciate it. ♥

I got very little of my TODO stuff done yesterday, apart from biking outdoors and calling my mom. I can't do much while I'm on the phone with my mom, but the hour of "doing other stuff-ness" I lost was worth it. The good news is that she'll probably get her first COVID vaccine this Friday. A neighbor has arranged for the county to come give injections at the community center in her senior "village", which is wonderful. She hasn't been to the grocery store in a year, and apart from going to the hospital for surgery on a major hand infection (followed by in-patient recovery, and then multiple trips a week for rehab, all lasting about 5 months), she hasn't left the house at all. I don't know what she would do if she didn't have her dog to keep her company, and a wonderful housecleaner/everywoman who comes every other week (and also buys her groceries for her). She has safe contact with a couple of other neighbors, but apart from that, it's isolating and lonely. :(

During MLK weekend, I couldn't help remembering that we'd flown up to Oregon and visited my family the year before, which is impossible right now. And over President's Day weekend in 2020, we drove down to Southern California to visit our son at college in L.A. and our daughter in San Diego, not knowing how much things were about to change for so long. :( HalfshellHusband has had his first vaccine dose now (thank goodness!), and will get his second in a few weeks. But for the kids and me, it will be a LONG time before the priority algorithms make their way down to us...

Ooh—finished Deacon King Kong yesterday as expected, and for my next book I picked Samantha Irby's Meaty because I recently read and enjoyed her Wow, No Thank You. I also put in a hold request for Blacktop Wasteland from my Wishlist, one of many books I added after reading the New York Times' year-end list of recommendations for 2020. I'm not doing as much reading in bed as I was a few months ago, so all of these books are taking me longer to get through than usual, but no hurry. I even read some of my "aspirational" books last year, so that's something :)



You stupid Franken-PC! I just cleaned all the dust and junk out of you this morning, and you've only been up for 5 hours.

But you have spent that entire time cre-e-e-e-eping through every internet access, including connecting to my code-server at work just long enough to hang the display and then disconnect. Even after I rebooted the home router.

Now, I'm going to be forced to reboot YOU. Again. Thanks for completely ruining my workday! \o?