February 28th, 2021


Biking today!

...because the wind is behaving itself for a change. It hasn't been a great week, let me tell you!

Friday would have been nice, but I spent all my daylight working on my Idol entry (which is here—please take a look and vote, if you can!) Yesterday was major wind again, so I continued my battle against entropy in the form of the gazillions of weeds in the garden. Not sure what's in store this coming week. I see warm temperatures again, like last week, but those may also come with obnoxious wind speeds because BOTH are signs of Spring being on its way. We don't get a lot of wind when Summer transitions into Fall, but entering Spring is always like this. It's annoying.

Saw this on Quora yesterday, and it cracked me up. I think it can best be summarized as Collapse )

After I get back from riding today, I REALLY need to square away some of the half-finished projects in various parts of the house. Enough is enough.

And also find the next book to download on my Kindle, because the end of Deacon King Kong is looming, and it's time to go back to my library Wish List and see what's available and what to put a new hold on. \o?