December 22nd, 2020


LJ Idol Survivor: "Fool's Errand"

Fool's Errand
idol survivor | individual challenge 1 |~1450 words
When It Rains, It Pours


"C'mon, it'll just take half a day," Howie told me. That was the kind of thing Howie always said, like he was cursed with this iron-clad optimism—or maybe he just didn't understand how time actually worked.

Either way, he was my cousin, so I agreed to help him out. I mean, driving into the city to pick up a sofa wasn't like climbing Mt. Everest or anything.

I hardly even remembered the plan until Friday afternoon, when the weather forecast mentioned that a big storm was headed our way. "Howie, are you sure we can't put this off until next weekend?" I asked.

"Nah, 'cuz that sofa'll go to Goodwill on Monday if we don't get to it first," Howie said.

"You could probably find another one in a few weeks, if you kept looking."

"Yeah, some cheap prefab thing that'd fall apart like cardboard in the rain," Howie said. "No thanks."

I knew what he meant. These days, everything was this slapped-together crap that only survived long enough to make it to the end of the warranty before collapsing into a pile of sticks, rags, and glue. "Okay, pick me up at nine, then," I said.

The sky was clear the next morning, a good sign after a night of too much Stoli and losing fifty bucks on the Eagles when they tanked in the fourth quarter and missed the spread. Freakin' football. I never bet on sports, but if I did, they always had to punish me by teaching me a lesson…

Howie apparently had gone to bed early on Friday night. He was all chipper and chirpy, like something out of a Mary Poppins movie, and he kept it up the whole time we were driving. I would've gladly killed him for nothing.

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