November 19th, 2020



I thought for sure someone was headed for an early bedtime last night. I don't mean me—I probably needed it, but I was up late chatting with friends online, instead.

No, we finally had some real rain here yesterday, so the cat's outdoor time ended several hours early, around 1 pm. Ullllhhh... SO much excess energy. He generally goes out for 1-2 hours at a time (before coming back in or getting called back in), and he was in and out all day Monday until about 4pm. Then the heavy-duty snoozing part of the day begins, most of it in The Boy's room until The Boy goes to bed, at which point the cat is carried downstairs to hang out with me on the sofa until I go to bed. This usually works out pretty well—we've mostly gotten the cat to understand and accept that routine. But what he wants (especially at night) is either to be outside or to have the boy play with him, so sometimes he goes rocketing up the stairs and howls outside The Boy's room.

He usually gets only one shot at that (I go up and shoo him downstairs). If he does it a second time, I put him to bed early in the laundry room. Despite all the exercise on Monday, he was super-annoying and got put to bed at 11. Last night, the marauding and howling started around 8:30 because he'd been inside all afternoon. I was sure he'd wind up getting dragged off to bed early again, but he actually settled down once The Boy went to bed. Same for tonight (after another rainy day). We do wonder, though—how old is this cat, really? The shelter said probably 4, when we got him over a year ago last June, but the vet said more like 3. If he hadn't been fully grown and living with us for the last 17 months, I might think he was more like 2 right now. It's like when The Boy was little—sometimes we had to send him out to run a mile or so just to burn off some energy. \o?

For the cat's sake, it's a good thing this house has stairs, just for the exercise. He clearly enjoys unleashing his Thundering Hooves up and down those things, all day long. Yes, this 13-pound cat absolutely has thundering hooves. And he is not the first. :O

In other news, we are watching The Dark in alternation with a few other shows. It's spooky and entertaining, and it wins for best conspiracy-related slur ever in referring to the Nuclear Power-Plant Mafia. \o/ (Which, over time, is actually starting to seem less over-the-top than it initially did)

I also finished reading The Little Stranger, and I'm STILL not 100% whether I'd read it before or not. I knew what the major plot moments were beforehand, but I didn't remember the details, so who even knows? Now I'm reading Eileen, which features a strange, prickly, and kind of unlikeable character living a sad, slovenly life, but which is also somehow captivating. :O

All right, off to bed. I have gum graft surgery tomorrow, so I'd better rest up. Yay.