August 4th, 2020


Votes, Not Goats!

Voting ends tomorrow for this week's round of Idol! rayaso's story is here, with a link at the bottom to the poll for voting and reading the other (only 5 other!) entries. Please read and vote, if you can!

A minor tragedy occurred late Saturday night: our television froze up in the middle of a Criminal Minds episode, and would not unstick. After multiple power-cycle attempts, there was only the dreaded "Not subscribed" error message showing. While I like "Criminal Minds" well enough, this is actually what we in our family refer to as the Law and Order channel, and it has been our favorite channel this Spring and Summer. The cable company's website says it's part of our package, and I hope that's still true. I called about it yesterday, but it was outside business office hours by the time I got through to anyone, and I was away this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to talk to a live person, and hopefully the problem will be that the cable company didn't realize they'd lost the feed as opposed to them no longer offering that channel. *fingers crossed* But meanwhile, I missed out on the Sunday and Monday/Tuesday night L&O marathon sessions. :(

Our daughter is here! \o/ She's visiting this week before starting law school (online this semester), and we haven't seen her since our brief drive down South in February. She's all masked-up, after visiting friends in the Bay Area (from a masked waving distance), and that's a little weird but safe. We can't hug her (which is killing me), but it's so nice to see her. We'll have her through Saturday, and then she'll drive back and enter "grind" mode once again after a year off.

It was a little cooler today, which is to say about 94o. Kind of hard to tell, TBH. Maybe 10 degrees cooler tomorrow? That would be awesome, though if it happens, it will probably be incredibly windy as well. Only an issue for bicycling, but of course, that's what I care about.

I hope all of you are well and safe right now, and that Isaias leaves you untouched.