August 1st, 2020


More links...

After yesterday's links to coronavirus mask-signs and Chicken Coop Creativity blowouts, I found a couple of other fun links at the same site. One detailed a sweet story about a kitten and his stuffed dragon BFF going to the vet, and the other was the succinctly-described What's Wrong With My Cat?. Oh, lord—some of those pictures and gifs!

I showed the Boy some of those pictures, and it turns out that he follows several cat sub-Reddits. One of them is the more lengthy What's Wrong With Your Cat?, as well as Blurry Pictures of Cats (which is actually a thing, and sometimes features surprise "action" photos). :D

And then he mentioned an Instagram account he follows, which is someone's Dad who travels a lot for business and posts pictures of carpets from the hotels where he stays. That sounds like the most boring thing ever, and how does the guy have almost 400K followers? Including our son? Well, it turns out that these aren't photos of typical motel room carpets—many of them appear to be unusual lobby carpets. I was immediately intrigued. *Is a sheep*

Hoo, boy. Look at the time! And I swore I'd get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and not at nearly 3 a.m. But noOOOoooo...