May 23rd, 2020


Last night's shower

Squeezed in between bicycling and a late dinner...

Me: La-la-la-la *shampoos hair*
Nose: Boy, I feel itchy.
Me: That's ridiculous, you're in the shower.
Nose: But I do. *itches* Ack. In fact, I think I need to—
Me: No you don't!
Nose: Hey! You don't get to say what I do or don't need. I get to decide that, and right now I uh... ah... CHOO!
Me: Ugh.
Nose: Yeah. *sniffles* Whew. *itches* Wait, I might not be done yet...
Me: OMG, can you stop being weird?
Nose: What? *sniffle* *sniffle* *itch* *sniffle*

I don't have allergies, and I'm glad, but at times like that I wonder whether that actually changes anything at all? \o?