April 3rd, 2020


Humor for these dreary times

So, this is a thing that exists:

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In other news, I finally actually watched the first Star Wars Prequel movie (The Phantom Menace) last weekend, after avoiding it for years. Oh, Jar-Jar. Even worse than I'd heard. I loved his underworld city, though. And I want to know why his people's leader seemed to be some sort of toad-person of a completely different species. \o?

Also, baby Anakin looked like he was about 6 instead of 9, so that was some weirdness.

Then we wound up watching Anhilation, also with Natalie Portman, which all of us really enjoyed. We were puzzled as to why it was considered a 3-star movie instead of 4 stars, and then realized we had seen that phenomenon before. The movie was an "assumed-genre" violator. Not an actual genre-violator, such as an unfunny comedy or a non-scary horror film. But it wasn't the genre people expected it to be. Based on the theater trailers, it looked like some kind of horror-thriller, and it was more of a psychological drama/thriller instead. Much like The Last Action Hero, which was not the Schwarzenegger action-film people expected and was instead a terrific satire. I guess the moral of the story is, "Don't be the in-between thing."

But aren't some of us always going to be the in-between thing? I know I am...