January 11th, 2020


Dear Gluten-Free and Supertaster Peeps...

and if you're both, so much the better!

We'll be making a batch of peanut-butter chocolate-chip cookies to take up north when we make a late "Christmas" trip to visit my family next weekend.

One of my sisters has now gone gluten-free, due to some stomach discomfort. This isn't the kind of change you expect to make in your 50s, but it happens.

So, I think that batch of cookies needs to be gluten-free. BUT... my husband's last gluten-free experiment for his brother, a double-chocolate banana bread, had a nasty, bitter aftertaste to it.

Ugh. We definitely want to avoid that. The peanut-butter will be stronger flavored than the banana and chocolate were, but I don't think it will be enough to drown out that bitterness. It was nasty.

My husband thinks he used Bob's Red Mill all-purpose gluten-free flour last time, so presumably we need to try something different.

Any recommendations for a good gluten-free cookie flour that bakes well but isn't bitter?

I know I've got some experts out there, so I'm hoping you can help! ♥