September 25th, 2019


Well, that was quick...

We drove our son down to L.A. for college on Saturday, and then drove home on Sunday. Boy, I remember the days when a quick trip like that just meant a lost weekend. Now, it wipes me out!

Not to mention the funk that settles in afterwards as empty-nest syndrome returns all over again. :( It's better today than Monday, but it's still hard...

On a lighter note, trips out of town mean bringing along the Garmin GPS unit, which is both helpful and a source of unplanned entertainment.

Our GPS system butchers Spanish and other foreign-language words pretty badly, and sometimes struggles with fairly typical English ones. It doesn't always recognize composites, so Lakeshore comes out as lacka-shore, and it uses a peculiar half-French pronunciation of boulevard that sounds like BOO-leh-vard. Like other algorithmically-generated audio systems, it also sometimes resorts to yodeling when it's really unsure what to do. So, Terwilliger (in Portland) comes out as Teh-ER-eh-wil-AZH-er (which is also oddly half-French, for no good reason).

During our weekend trip, the GPS unit launched into some Spanish street-name begining with "La" and immediately mangled it into "Lay," which brought back memories of one of our Hawaii vacation highlights:

We took the GPS along for that too, and it was REALLY hopeless with Hawaiian words—absolutely pathetic. Still, the last thing you expect for a street named "Kamehameha III" is to hear it pronounced "Kammy-hammy-ha Ai-yi-yi!" :O


The hotel location in Kona was totally worth it just for the number of times THAT little surprise popped up whenever we drove around. Holy cow! \0/