May 2nd, 2019


Last day to vote (*bites nails*)

Voting for the final round of LJ Idol ends at 9pm EDT today, which is both exciting and nervewracking! You can find my story and the poll here. Please read and vote, if you haven't already done so. ♥


My head has been a random jukebox for the last couple of days—MUCH more than USUAL.

It started on Tuesday morning, when I woke up with Taras Bulba running through my brain. This may be because I was listening to some other Janacek music on Monday. That was to drown out the vacuuming and banging around going on upstairs while I was frantically trying to focus and finish writing my Idol entry. I also turned to Janacek at my office last Thursday, to try to blot out a couple of co-workers 2 and 3 aisles away who are chatty and really project. \o?

I listened to Spotify at work Tuesday, and a few other random songs kicked up in my head throughout the day that were NOT things I'd heard on Spotify. Yay? Maybe some sort of free-association thing was happening? I've been short on sleep all week.

Simon & Garfunkel's America showed up again (it was on repeat a couple of weeks ago due to a different Idol entry). While biking on Tuesday, something else started up that I can't even remember now—only that it was the same cadence as my go-to cycling song, Chris Cornell's Change The World, so I didn't try to drive it out. And a completely different from-the-wayback-machine song after dinner. It was busy up there. :O

Wednesday's biking dredged up The Sabre Dance (for the random!), and then Finlandia. Hey, at least the Sabre Dance is really up-tempo.

And then just before driving home yesterday... Golden Years *Hwa-hwa-hwa*

WHYYYYY??? Though I immediately inflicted that one on HalfshellHusband when I got home. As you do.

Wonderwhat's on tap for today? And hey—now that Spotify has become completely annoying by adding audio to their ads on PC streaming, is there another streaming music app I should consider? I know some people like Pandora. Does it still randomly suggest songs while streaming, or has that gone away?

Got caught up on my Dreamwidth friends-list reading yesterday, and hope to finish doing the same for LJ today. What's epic in YOUR life right now?