March 24th, 2019


Decisions, decisions...

I've been thinking about starting in on our taxes tomorrow, since the deadline is coming up soon.

Typically, I would already have bought the software by now, but I'm torn between buying TurboTax again or possibly giving H&R Block a try.

Part of it is my growing unhappiness with TurboTax's marketing ploys. We basically belong in the Deluxe tier, but they withhold Schedule D in order to try to force you up to the Premiere level. Years ago, that was always included in the Deluxe version. It's clearly an upselling tactic, and that alone bugs me. H&R Block includes Schedule D in their HomeOwner-level tax software, and it's much less expensive, so points to them for that.

There's also the fact that TurboTax's handling of 529 Education plans and higher education expenses in general is seriously broken. I wish I'd realized that the first year those were part of our tax computations. I wound up having to file TWO amended returns for 2015 because of that.

But TT is the devil I know, and I've worked with it for at least 15 years now.

Argh. What to do? :(

Update: I decided to give the H&R Block software a try this year. Hope I don't regret it!</later>


Quick Reminder...

It's the last day of the final Hell Week poll for LJ Idol, if you haven't voted already. My entry is here, with a link to the poll and all entries at the bottom. Thank you for your support!

I'm about to go biking, even as the sky is getting cloudier. I had to run some Easter and tax-related errands earlier, so I was OUT in the sun, but not riding in it.

It's a downriver ride today, as that's less crowded on the weekends. I'll soon find out whether I can complete the full distance (or most of it) without repeating an earlier part of the ride. They've been letting water out of the dam, so the American River is running pretty high, and we have several days of rain in the forecast starting tomorrow. Part of the lower bike trail near my turnaround spot was flooded a few weeks ago, and HalfshellHusband reported some flooding last weekend even higher up. It's a guessing game. They moved the bike path up to higher ground about 10-15 years back, so it's better. But the farther downriver you go, the closer you get to where the other, stronger Sacramento river comes in and makes the American River back up. Add more water to it, and that flood area shifts, so it's a mystery this time of year. \o?

ETA: Gah, the stomach cramps came back, so I didn't ride as far as I'd intended. But the river was lower than I expected. There's a U-shaped area attached to the shore in one area that creates a backwater when the river is lower (where I used to see the escapee swan). The river was up in the higher-ground tree tops a few weeks ago, but now I can see a little of the whole U-shaped rim.