March 19th, 2019


Another day, another voting installment

Calling all earlier LJ Idol Prize Fight participants! The two-day poll for My Happy Place entries is mini-season contestants only. Please read and cast your votes via the information here!

Anyone else who's interested in this set of stories can find them all on that link, too. :D

So, yesterday... it was sunny and 74o with light winds, the most beautiful day of the year! I was really looking forward to going for a bike ride, only to have horrific stomach cramps hit late morning and continue for the next 5 hours. WHYYYYYYYYY?

Needless to say, I biked in the garage at home after I was feeling better. Hmph. Sam Axe is still the best, though--he'll always be my favorite part of Burn Notice. Good comic sidekicks are the bomb. :D