February 18th, 2019


What happened to the weekend?

Gah. So, despite knowing what I wanted to write about for Idol, it just would not come. I wound up spending the entire day on Saturday finishing my story with about 5 minutes to spare in posting it just before 5pm. /o\

I knew I would be pleased with the results, but the process? Argh. Why so hard?

It was supposed to be rainy Saturday, but it unexpectedly cleared and dried up. If I could have finished that story sooner, I would have gone biking! But noOOOoooo. We had plans to go out to dinner Saturday night (late Valentine's Day celebration), and I was out of daylight for biking outside. I went out to the garage to check on the track stand bike, which I'd pumped up twice while riding it the day before. Just as I feared—the rear tire was flat. So I went out for a walk instead (and did at least enjoy a little sunlight), knowing that my weekend TODO list had just gone up by one.

That bike... its track stand is the worst I've owned, where it's unusually obnoxious to get the bike in and out of the mount. As in, more than 5 minutes of trying to balance it enough to screw down the clamps. When I had to get a new bike, I just dedicated the old one to staying on the track stand 24/7. Fixing the rear tire means getting the bike out of the stand (and back in again later), which I knew would be grief. But not as much as actually fixing the flat!

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Now it's the last day of a 3-day weekend (one that flew by too quickly). I need to finish getting that tire back on, possibly ride outside (cold and windy today) OR maybe in the garage. Clean up some of the clutter I started dealing with on the last 3-day weekend a month ago. Call my mom. Maybe do some sewing repairs? Already, I can see that list is bigger than the time or energy I have left.

It also dawned on me yesterday that while I finished boxing the Christmas lights back up on that same weekend, I didn't put them away in the garage. On the high shelf, where the boxes are so heavy I can barely lift them overhead. So that should happen, too. But will it? I could be lucky just to get that stupid tire taken care of, the way things are going! :(