January 16th, 2019


LJ Idol Prize Fight: "What In The World"

What In The World
idol prize fight | week 12 | 730 words


[Fade in on the cry of birds calling to one another over the rushing waves of the sea]

[Helicopter camera footage of the ocean, drifting right to pick up the shore and then slowly zooming in on large gray rocks upon which stand groups of...]

Birds. Great flapping, squawking, colonies of birds.

Here, where the land meets the sea, these strange creatures make their homes.

Hunted… haunted… they are the object of obsession for characters ranging from dime-novel detectives to bullwhip-wielding archeologists.

These are MacGuffins.

[Theme music]

[Title sequence]

[Camera pans across coastline, where birds of varying shapes and sizes bustle, hop, and occasionally take flight]

These longtime components of literary construction live by the dark, frigid waters of the vast Word Sea.

Distinguishable by their brightly-colored beaks, they are an ancient species, perhaps as old as the dawn of civilization itself.

[Footage of sun rising over the ocean]

[Dissolve to camera zoom on close-up of MacGuffin chicks being fed by a parent]

From their beginnings as chicks, these birds will grow larger and larger until they reach adulthood. Then and only then will they be able to fly while bearing the weight of an entire plot on their shoulders.

Collapse )

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