November 29th, 2018


LJ Idol Prize Fight: "Pinky-Swear Loyalty"

Pinky-Swear Loyalty
Idol Prize Fight | Week 7 | ~1200 words


I'd known Marcy Jacobs since I was eleven years old. We hadn't killed each other yet but there was a first time for everything, so no promises. Maybe later tonight? Right now, it was only nine o'clock.

And we were hiding in the bushes outside an apartment building like a pair of Peeping Toms.

"This is a terrible idea," I said. "What are you hoping to gain here?"

"Ammunition," Marcy whispered.

"Oh, come on. You could always let it go…"

"Hah!" she said.

A dog barked somewhere close by. "Shhh!"

"You shhh!" she said, jabbing me with her elbow. "You're the one that's talking…"

"Talking, but not yelling," I hissed.

"Will you shut up!"

Tonight was a fairly typical Marcy-type excursion: semi-crazy and under-planned, with a non-zero chance of getting into trouble. But for Marcy, it was all justified in the name of revenge.

Specifically, revenge for Barry Bickle's pronouncement that Marcy was very much Not All That. Those were the words Marcy used, anyway—I wasn't saying they were good ones. Also, Barry Bickle was a total jerk.

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(Linda and Marcy first appeared in an earlier Idol story back in 2013)

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