November 9th, 2018


LJ Idol Prize Fight: "One Hell Of A Disguise"

One Hell Of A Disguise
LJ Idol Prize Fight | Week 5 | 1130 words
Kayfabe (maintaining the reality of the persona at all times)


Trol'gorak was not the first to wear the human suit, but he was probably the first to think it was trying to kill him.

He never told anyone. It had been impressed upon him millennia ago that such complaining was not done, that no self-respecting demon would ever gripe about such a basic assignment. No, his job was to 'demon up' and do the job.

Even if the suit pressed on his horns and rubbed the spikes off his tail.

Trol'gorak was undercover in the human world, learning about people and trying to find the best ways to torment and tempt them. As far as he could tell, the old ways worked as well as ever, but His Helliness wanted new research and new data.

In his cover position as an office drone, Trol'gorak had decided that humans already tortured themselves more effectively than anyone could ever dream of doing.

He based this conclusion on many things. Business attire, particularly the excruciating cramping of one's hooves and the proxy strangulation of anyone with a generous neckline. (Actually, 'generous' sounded like a euphemism for 'fat', whereas some demons simply tended to have a more substantial presence in the—okay, fine, so he had a fat neck, so what? Neckties were still evil!).

Working in business was dreadful too, at least the kind of work he did. Meetings, spreadsheets, expense statements, personal reviews… Quarterly reports, 'corporate vision' exercises, Secret Santas… Horrible. Possibly even the work of the Horned One himself.

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