October 14th, 2018


LJ Idol Prize Fight: "Dreaming Big"

Dreaming Big
Idol Prize Fight | Week 2 | 1038 words
My Mount Rushmore


Day 1
Genius idea came to me in a dream last night, one that could save this town from becoming more than a stoplight with a dead 7-11 and a herd of tumbleweeds.


Perfect, right? The only economy we've got around here is agribusiness, so how else are we going to bring people in? Yesiree, there's hope for us yet!

Day 2
Well. Tourism of what, though? This is Kansas. Nobody wants to see wheat fields and tornadoes—except on the news. We need something that'll make people pull off the road and spend some money!

Other places have done it—sometimes with nothing more than corn mazes and giant balls of string. I don't think that'll cut it for us, though. Too ordinary.

What if we mixed offbeat with artistic, which is basically the Butter Cow idea? Except not butter. Or cows. Because it's been done.

This might take a while…

Day 4
Patty mentioned monuments today at breakfast. Now there's an idea! Things like the liberty bell, the Lincoln Memorial, and the mountain with the heads of presidents. Those are way more impressive than corn mazes. Bigger.

We don't have that kind of history around here, but yes, we could potentially build something. I've got tons of land, for whatever we want to haul in and create. I've even got a rocky hill, if we want to carve into it.

So much possibility!

Day 6
I've always loved comic books. Who doesn't? So, I was thinking about a superhero tribute: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I think people would really want to see that!

Maybe giant outdoor paper maché sculptures, so they could be painted different colors? But what about the wind? Because paper maché is really light. I mean, I don't want it blowing away to another zip code. And I'm not sure it'll hold up in the rain.

Great. Sturdy plus waterproof is really limiting. And boring. I might as well be talking about putting up billboards. Better keep thinking.

Day 7
Patty said my superhero idea was trademark infringement. Well, crud. People police everything nowadays, I swear!

Okay, so what else is all-American and makes people happy? Besides PBR and football… Oh hey, what about Mickey Mouse? Like, a huge statue of—

Crud. Patty says that's trademark infringement too.

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