September 3rd, 2018


Oh, Target... /o\

Why? WHY?

You were my favorite store, with everything from basic clothes to towels to kitchen appliances to electronics, toys, groceries, and toiletries. I could get in and out in under 10 minutes for quick errand.

Your clothes were laid out by type and size, your household products and toiletries were in the same part of the store, your groceries a contiguous section along the far wall. You were laid out perfectly for people like me who hate to shop.

But now... the clothes are in multiple high-density boutiques that form a maze in the middle of the store, jammed in and out in ways that make no sense at all. Household products are in a completely different part of the store from toiletries and OTC stuff. The center of the store is impassible, your cosmetics take up twice the square footage of before-- an 'opportunity walk' strewn along the route to the food section, mirrored by glitzy displays of purses and scarves and jewelry that no one ever buys. Food is much the same as before, but for the small walled-off cave where refrigerated items hide in narrow, dimly-lit displays so uninviting and under-stocked that customers will soon decide to avoid that corner altogether.

The entire store is a convoluted time-wasting space of fewer things presented more stylishly, the opposite of everything I ever loved about Target for so many, many years.

I wish I could hope that this was a passing fad at my local store, but we stopped in at the Eugene Target while visiting family in Oregon, and it was exactly the same horrible setup.

Now that Walmart has left our area and Fred Meyer still hasn't made its way this far south, I fear I will be turning more and more to online shopping.

Au revoir, Target. We had a good thing for many, many years, but it looks like you're chasing a new demographic now. :(