October 9th, 2017



Still here, just trying to keep my head above water at work and at home. Halfshellhusband is still restricted to minimal movement while his leg heals. It IS looking better, but the muscles are also trying to pull the bone fragments out of alignment, so it's a race to see whether the break binds together before the slippage requires surgery. Still hoping no surgery. This has been hard enough without resetting the healing clock back to zero! OTOH, no idea what this means for arthritis going forward...

We have a house cleaner lined up, but apart from a quick-clean of the high-priority areas last Thursday, she can't come for a month. Which may mean that it will still mostly be me, and we might just be paying her for a single deep-clean visit. :( Outside, I'm missing my helpers. This is the "weed and clean up dead things" season, and is starting to overlap with leaf season. I thought I was going to apply Round-up on Saturday, but I had to clear leaves and large weeds away first, to see what I was doing. Lost my daylight, and Sunday was a windstorm, so apart from hand-weeding and cleanup, no progress there. The property is about 1/3 of an acre, and over-landscaped. Places where we had to remove trees still look like crap, as the azaleas continue to die without shade. This has been going on for about 8 years now, and we haven't found any good replacement plants that are more sun-tolerant. The leftover buried tree-limbs that couldn't be dug out have now become extremely wet and pulpy (so, gross but also fascinating). They've also attracted that thick, leathery fungus that binds around plants' roots and kills them (two of the dead azaleas had that).

Several weeks ago, I noticed what seemed to be a group of red and yellow toadstools. When I went to investigate, I found an enormous single fungus that looked like a no-cheese pre-baked pizza, complete with 'crust'. Maybe a Reishi mushroom (shiny, tomato-paste-colored middle, blobby shape)? Huge and hideous either way, and larger (in 2D) than a football. :O

Work is slightly less busy, and I wish I could take vacation time, but I'm being told I need to get my performance up. Like that pressure helps anything... Once I joined the new project, it has all been so much work to learn new (and poorly-documented things), and such a battle against distraction. I found myself Googling adult ADD last week, as my mother has that and it would explain some of my difficulties. We talked on the phone last week, and she specifically mentioned things like noises and motion being incredibly distracting. I always thought those were a problem for me because I'm "over-wired." Everything is generally too loud, too bright, too smelly, too strong-tasting, too painful, etc. She mentioned the noise issues in particular being an ADHD thing for her, and I hadn't realized random noise was also a problem for her.

Our work environment is thwart-tastic, and about to get worse, but the main thing is that while it's a struggle for everyone, it seems to be a bigger struggle for me, and that needs to change. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for this. Which just brings more pressure. I'm at the point where I could potentially retire (healthcare benefits would be the big issue), but I'd rather work part-time instead. I can't do that at a new job, so I'm kind of stuck where I am, hoping I can do "more things faster." *sigh* I used to love this job and this company, for so many years...

All of which means that right now, I need to get to bed and start it all over again tomorrow. So, the entertainment blather will have to wait for another post! But at least I signed up for Yuletide.

And have officially broken out the Halloween icon, seeing as it's October. :D