August 8th, 2017


LJ Idol Season Ten: "Bound"

idol season ten | week 27 | 1330 words
Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you


It is dark, so dark, here in this forever of cold and despair. I have been here longer than I can remember.

I fear it is too late to hope I will ever leave.

There was light here, once, but that was no kindness. In time, it showed all too many things I dreaded seeing. Sometimes, it showed the man—who was often there or soon would be, the man who brought me here, who lured me away from the park with the promise of newborn puppies. The man was terrifying when he was angry, but worse when he was quiet. He looked at you then with eyes so cold and cruel, you felt the terror of it to the core of your very bones.

Sometimes, it showed the blood spattering the walls or seeping into the dirt of the basement floor. My own blood, some of it. Seeing it set off terrible memories of each time the man chose to spill it.

And then there were the other children…

Lonely was the Hell I lived in, but it was worse when other children were there—many who were younger and weaker than I. For all the pain inflicted on my body, there were times it grew so fierce I did not feel it. But when those children screamed and cried, I could not steel my heart against their torment, and I could not save them. Poor little Annie, with her broken dolly. All she'd wanted was to go home, and I did not tell her that she never would. Little Susie used to whisper stories to herself when she was scared, but before long she stopped speaking altogether. She would be awake and breathing, but no hint of her remained inside her eyes. She was never the same again.

The man became very angry when that happened. He turned his attentions to me then, breaking my fingers and carving letters into my flesh. "Ruby," the letters spelled, and "Jessamin."

I wondered who those girls were that he hated so much.

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