June 1st, 2017

Oh no you didn't

Son of a B~~!!!

I was having a lovely bike ride yesterday—light winds, nice temperature, not too crowded—when *STAB*

Wait, was that a— OWWW! Damn it, that hurts! Ow, my HAND!

My first instinct was to tough out the sting and keep going, but my bike glove had a suspicious bump in it, so I decided I'd better make sure a yellow jacket or wasp wasn't under there, waiting to sting me all over again.

I pulled over (tricky to steer and brake, since that's the part of the hand where it stung me), and slowly peeled back my glove. Stupid yellow jacket! It flew away, all "La-la-la-la-laaaa." Do you know how small the space was between my finger and the part of the bike glove surrounding it? About 3/16ths of an inch! What possessed that pesky creature to sneak in there in the first place?

HalfshellHusband says he has been stung perhaps twice while bicycling. Twice EVER. For me, it's usually 1 to 3 times a year. And today, not quite 24 hours later? Epic itching. :(

In other news, I took the day off from work and was home not doing much of anything... except answering the doorbell. The County Sewer Department is upgrading the lines in the neighborhood, and were working next door. Mostly, it was just really noisy until about noon. Then,

*dingdong* Hi, we're from the sewer department. Can we get into your back yard to open the outtake to the street?
*dingdong* Hi... So, um, it's not going well. Really not. You're going to have to stop using your water for a while. Maybe a couple of hours?
*dingdong* Hi, um... we lost our camera in the sewer line. Can we get into your back yard?
*dingdong* Hi... we, uh, we have to dig up our camera. Through your yard. So, we're going to take the fence apart and try not to kill too many plants. If we're careful, we might be able to replant them.
*dingdong* So, we knocked over a plant in the yard. But its roots were rotten, so it was mostly dead anyway. Want to see?
*dingdong* Uh... we broke a pipe. So, you have no water until we get that fixed.

At some point, you're thinking, "For the love of all that is holy, STOP TOUCHING STUFF!!!

There were about 10 interruptions by 6pm, and right now? They're still in the yard, probably hoping to finish before it gets dark. But given their luck today, I see klieg lights in their future. Criminy.