March 10th, 2017


LJ Idol Season Ten: "The Kingdom Between The Shores"

The Kingdom Between The Shores
idol season ten | week eleven | 1115 words
The Blue Hour


Poseidon blamed the Romans.

Renaming someone without his permission—a god, no less—showed a distinct lack of respect. It had all been downhill from there.

Once, Poseidon had ruled the seas, in all their blue vastness and glory. Now, those days were but a memory. As the Greek Empire had diminished, so had Poseidon's influence. The Romans had honored him for a while, but were changeable by nature and in time had absorbed still other gods in place of the old.

Poseidon and his fellow gods had been appalled and their wrath mighty, but both it and they had been largely ignored.

Decades of scarce sacrifices and libations had gone by, and then centuries. Without the adoration and offerings of worshippers, Poseidon had finally been forced to make harsh changes that, frankly, were beneath his dignity.

Most significantly, he had been obliged to seek employment.

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