January 5th, 2017


So, it's 2017 now...

Last year had a lot of suckage in it, but I've been dreading 2017 more because that's when we come under the Trump regime. Worried about how this will affect so many people, not to mention the economy, scandals, ugliness, and international shame. Ugh.

Near the end of 2016 and beyond, I finished The Christmas, read stuff, watched stuff, and wrote a few things. So...

Biscotti baking: I make these as Xmas gifts, and I tried a new recipe last year and completely forgot to mark that this was now The One (and also what to do with the required vanilla that is not in any of the steps). The discombobulation continued as I went into the assembly with WAY too much confidence:
* Combined all the dry ingredients! Except, oops, the sugar wasn't supposed to go in there. Crap. Restart.
* Combined all the wet ingredients! Oh, for the love of god—the butter and sugar were supposed to be whipped at length before adding the egg (and unmentioned vanilla). Crap again.
* Okay, barely shape the loaves, because they spread during baking.
* Wait, that was the old recipe. Augh—these are lumpy and weird looking. :(
* Oh, so apparently the pre-baking powdered-sugar finish was not optional. Because these look strange and unprofessional.
* They do, however, taste good despite looking un-fabulous. Well, no worse than the previous recipe, then.

I'm updating the recipe to list the ingredients in a meaningful order, and clearly flag the recipe as "Yes!" and add all the needed steps. In detail. \o?

I read the most recent book in the Harry Bosch series, and just finished Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore. Both excellent. :)

I caught up with most of The Walking Dead, which was less good. My favorite character is dead, and I hate the entire Negan plotline and watching any part of it. Plus, the violence is basically R-rated now, and that's way too much for me. I also caught up with How To Get Away With Murder, in which my favorite character is ALSO dead, and Frank—who used to be a lawyer in a suit and everything—now appears to be re-enacting Sling Blade for reasons unknown. Huh. I would honestly quit the show, except Viola Davis was the only reason I ever started it, and just when I think I might bail on it she pulls out some raw, all-the-stops-amazing performance, and I just can't. Damn my weakness for her talent!

Um... did not manage any Yuletide treats, but finished my story on time, and also an Idol thingy that was past the cutoff because I try to tune all that out during the holidays (too much going on), and had magically transformed the deadline of the 2nd to being the 7th. Hey, they sound similar in my head!

Biking: About one or fewer outside days a week, thanks to the rain, wind, or it being just too freaking cold! *cries* And far too many holiday goodies, so you know that won't end well.

The epic UN-Christmasing of the home awaits now, and our daughter will be flying back to school on Sunday, which we're not eager for, but I know she's ready to be busy again.

So... did you all survive the holidays, and are now vowing All The Things for the new year? It's kind of unavoidable, isn't it?