October 31st, 2016


Close Call...

Last Wednesday, as I was driving to work on I-80, an accident happened up ahead of me—and I was lucky not to be part of it.

I saw some weaving in the 10-12 cars up ahead, and then a silver vehicle suddenly came out of the pack, driving to the left toward the K-rail separating the sides of the freeway. I knew it would hit the divider, and I slowed down to be ready in case it bounced off the K-rail and back out into traffic in front of me. Instead, it struck and then skimmed up the divider, flipping over and then rolling a couple of times. It came to rest mostly inside that left shoulder area, without hitting any other cars. That was incredibly lucky for all of the other people out on the road, though I'm not sure the car's driver survived. Someone had pulled over to the side a little farther up, and was running back toward the crashed car. I hope she was a doctor or nurse or EMT, someone with trauma experience. A big rig stopped along the right shoulder, and the rest of us continued on, grateful not to have been hit.

I could not figure out how that had happened, as most people aren't driving drunk or playing speed games in the middle of a weekday morning. Someone at work suggested texting as a possibility, which is a maddening thought, but not unlikely.

I never figured out the whys or wherefors of any of it, because there was no news report of that accident whatsoever. I realize it was a single-car accident, but it was a pretty fierce one. No CHP or traffic reports on it, and nothing in TV news or the papers. Still feeling kind of obsessed about it.

The rest of the week was rainy but safe. I watched Chuck, S2 during garage-biking, read the 17 ballot measures and decided how to vote, withstood another all-night gathering of our son's gang of friends (only 3 guests this time, thank goodness), saw The Accountant with HalfshellHusband, and finished reading Lily And The Octopus. We liked The Accountant quite a bit—it was an interesting and unusual story, with an underlying thread regarding how trying to help your children survive may sometimes destroy them instead. The review in our paper was kind of "meh," mainly because of the violence, but it seemed to miss the point of the story. The Accountant was all of those things, all snarled together, as a result of his childhood and the choices his father made.

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween! We had very few trick-or-treaters (and almost no tiny people), partly due to the deadness of the surrounding houses and I think also due to rain threatening to arrive around 7-8pm. Which it did, right around 7:50. :(