October 25th, 2016

Laundromat Reaper


You know, I did not realize that Election Day was Nov. 1. I'm so used to it being around the 7th/8th that I forgot about the Monday Halloween implications. Nuts. Now I really need to dig into that voter's pamphlet and read up on the ballot initiatives. :O (Redacted, because Destina reminded me that it's the second Tuesday in November, not the first, despite what I just read online somewhere! Panic abated. For now)

Sunday night, I stumbled across some Bad Lip-Reading video renderings of the first two Presidential debates. I'd seen some of the NFL and college football videos before, where field and sideline comments are remade into things like, "Canadian watermelon boot," and other equally bizarre phrases. The weirdness of Debate #1 as Debate Night! is terrific, but Debate #2 as Presidential Poetry Slam is utter genius. It's the power of misdirection, where with the overlaid words and subtitles, you think, How is he NOT saying 'It was not good in my garden'? It looks exactly like that! The randomness of the 'reinterpretation' works especially well in a poetry slam context—that might as well be what those phrases are. Awesome. :D

During my weekend visiting up North, I learned something I hadn't known before. Apparently, my pathological hatred of grocery shopping is shared by my two sisters and mother. I already knew my mother didn't like to shop—for much of anything—and I'm pretty much the same. But those two sisters? That was news, and the incredible dislike of the grocery store was even more surprising. I thought I was the only one with that issue. For most of our marriage, HalfshellHusband has been the grocery shopper while I did the laundry, because each of us hates the other chore. It turns out that of the four of the women at that gathering, we are all pretty okay with hardware stores (except that Home Depot can be pretty overwhelming), and I also like antique stores for window-shopping. But apart from that? Oh hell, no!

My younger sister also has the 2- to 3- errand limit that I do, which I always thought was a result of my impatience and blood sugar problems. No, apparently it's just that there's a maximum amount of enforced "chore obnoxion" we're willing to tolerate. Once in awhile, I might make it to 4 errands, but that's pretty rare. As you can imagine, I dread Christmas shopping. It combines both the hatred of shopping and of multiple-location errands, AND it throws in repetitive music for the ultimate torture. Ugh. /o\

Things have been busy the past few weeks, with the pre-travel preparations (i.e., the right wedding clothes), doing my healthcare reimbursement paperwork in preparation for next year's estimates, and baking and packaging pity-cookies for our daughter last night. I got Halloween lights up outside on Sunday afternoon, but nothing for the inside yet. Travel really takes a toll on your "getting things done" time. :O

So, we've started watching Band of Brothers. I did not realize that Damien Lewis used to be good-looking, which is pretty rare for red-haired men (in my book). Meanwhile, on The Blacklist, Donald has bleached most of the red out of his hair and Samar has added a bunch to hers. This kind of cross-season disturbance in continuity is always a jolt for me. Elizabeth's weight-loss seems less weird, since the character had a baby just as the actress did, so even the 40-50 pound drop-off is kind of expected. But red hair that becomes sandy blond in a male character? Not so much.

Alright, work beckons. And later, the garage! Because the wind and rain are back again, impinging on my outdoor bicycling... :(