September 17th, 2016


Zeno's Paradox Awaits...

I'm in San Diego tonight, having installed our daughter at UCSD for her sophomore year. She's unpacked and settled in, and tomorrow I make the return trip on my own. Not quite as heartbreaking as last year (that was awful), but just as physically draining. We took the 4-Runner this time, because much as I hate to waste the gas, driving that distance alone in the Prius is a formula for disaster. By which I mean, severe leg and back pain. :O

My trip up to Oregon was very nice. I spent time with both sisters in Portland, then saw my mother in Eugene. She's doing well. She has some aches and pains that surprise her at times (her back and one hip sometimes mutiny for a few hours or even the day). But she can still get around, and is able to take care of herself and has friends she enjoys nearby. At age 90, all of that is really good news. :)

I returned home mid-week before Labor Day, and apart from some general relaxing, I also did some massive cleaning out of the art cupboards in the kitchen. Five bags of stuff for Goodwill! Some day, we hope to fit our random appliances and overflow Tupperware in those cupboards. It was hard to let go of some of those things, though-- the pretty/cute/fun paper and pictures saved for collages, the various art sets. It brought back a lot of memories of our daughter's childhood. I had a bunch of nifty parallel stuff saved for our son, too, in case he wanted to join in the activities. His got almost no use, as art is the antithesis of his "thing". I still think his "handedness" confusion might have something to do with that.

I read a lot of books, including A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler (I enjoyed that one a lot), and I'm almost finished with Joe Hill's The Fireman. Another Tyler book and Sue Grafton's X are next in line, unless my "Hold" book comes up at the library. I cannot even remember what it was, but I'll be happy to see it when the time comes. ;)

Moviewise, we watched My Name Is Doris, which was a terrific role for Sally Fields and entertaining overall. Some parts were hard to watch. I kept hoping her obsession would find a more appropriate target, and the character's fashion sense was jolting. A new scene would begin, and Doris would appear in some "Ow, my eyes! Oh my god, make it stop! outfit that was well past "fun" and into "deranged."

After the big drive down to San Diego yesterday (ten freakin' hours!), our daughter and I had dinner and then went to see Bridget Jones' Baby. THAT was fun. I mostly did not hate Patrick Dempsey in it, which is saying something. There were cringeworthy moments in it as well, because that's the nature of Bridget Jones' character. But still, well worth it.

Work... ugh. SO hard to make progress, and I'm sure my manager is as frustrated as I am. I hate this project, and its ridiculous number of quagmires and hurdles.

So, how are things with the f-list? Happy that fall is here, or were there summer things you'd hoped to get to and didn't?