August 20th, 2016



And after my last post, in which I mentioned my intent to update later in the week... another big gap goes by. I blame the Olympics. ;)

We've been watching lot of them—mainly because we have different tastes in what we considering interesting. The whole family likes watching gymnastics, and most of us like the various platform diving competitions. But HalfshellHusband and our daughter are big on swimming (which mostly bores me), and then everyone BUT our daughter likes the track and field events. The reality is that what usually SEEMS to be on all the time is women's beach volleyball, and none of us likes it. Who knows what we're not seeing. I'm starting to get a niggling suspicion that the steeplechase event may already have happened. :(

We've been enjoying An Idiot Abroad, and started watching The West Wing with our daughter. West Wing is all politics and life behind-the-scenes, so she loves it. We didn't see it when it first aired. Back in the day, we just had the two VCR/DVD machines, so if more than three interesting shows aired in the same time-slot, we had to forego one of them. The first seasons of 24 and Chuck were also victims of that situation. You would think we'd finally be watching House of Cards, as that's also politics, but it's a darker, more cynical take on them. Our daughter wants to be inspired, not demotivated.

Other news: HalfshellHusband is almost 6 weeks post-op now. He's moving more freely, though he still can't drive and bending over his hard. Things hurt if he stands too long or pushes his limits, but it's all trending upward. I'm looking forward to not having to sleep in the guest bedroom, which gets too much light and also abuts the master bathroom. As in, the sinks and bathtub/shower are on the other side of the wall. Being a light sleeper is a curse.

And now, for fans of the weird: a Star Trek Opera, in which The Abduction from the Seraglio is now re-imagined as a Star Trek adventure, complete with KirK, Spock, and Klingons. \o/