August 3rd, 2016


Inching Forward

HalfshellHusband is making progress with his recovery. His painkillers weren't doing much, so he quit taking them. He's had a lot of pain, slowly receding now, but dropping the meds really helped him let go of that extra water weight. He has only 3 pounds left from the 14 he gained in those 24-hours at the hospital. He also had terrible itching when the various bandages were taken off (the adhesive seems to really irritate his skin), so the doctor prescribed a high-power antihistamine that sometimes helps boost the effect of painkillers.

24 hours of blissful relief, and then the drug's most common side-effect kicked in, so there was nausea and vomiting for another day and a half. You always hope you'll be the lucky one who doesn't experience the negative results, but it's rarely true. :(

BUT! He ditched the walker over a week ago, and at 3 weeks post-op was given permission to walk unaided in the house and use the cane outdoors. So, the mobility part of the recovery is going really well. He tried going upstairs yesterday, and while his leg muscles hurt, the hip joint didn't. He's only been upstairs a couple of times in the last 8 or 9 months, so that was huge. He can start on an exercise bike anytime, which is motivating. He's really missed biking outdoors.

Other news: I went to a soccer game with our daughter last week, Arsenal vs. the MLS (USA Men's All-Stars). She'd been looking forward to that for months. Arsenal is her second-favorite Football Club (Bayern-Munschen is first), and her fourth favorite team overall (Germany and Wales are between the two FCs). But she recognized a lot of the players, and they were good. Plus, we were mostly in the Arsenal USA fan section, so there was a lot of the European soccer-song experience that you really don't get with U.S. soccer. We were also in the full 90-degree sun the whole time (Oh, Mama!), and a couple of guys behind us got progressively drunker until one of them started railing against "You f**king hobo!", whoever he thought that was. But still... :)

TV-wise, we started watching An Idiot Abroad on Netflix. This is Ricky Gervais sending some travel-adverse friend of his off to foreign places and filming the outcome. The friend is a nice-enough guy, dry sense of humor and sometimes unintentionally funny, and well-meaning overall. As his travels progress, he gets less patient about some of the weird things he's being asked to do (I can't fully blame him), and there is always at least one spot in every episode where I wind up laughing myself sick. He does realize that he's not always appreciative of other cultures (or art/architecture in general, I think), and that often the weirdness is the conflict between his expectations and an entirely different way of doing things. OTOH, eating insects is a concept that a lot of Westerners just can't accept. It all depends on whether you grew up with that as an "okay" thing or something horrifying. In theory, of course—I have a phobia about insects and spiders, so I'm coming from farther afield on that issue than most people. I think I could do reptiles or amphibians if I had to (if they weren't too gooey), but I also don't have any phobias about those. Overall, I think the show's worth checking out. :)

I hope to update later this week with more random things, but I'm still emotionally slogging at the moment, so who knows? However, I'll leave you with this link to a WIRED article I read at the gym, about a Japanese Robot Hotel. Just the thought of being checked in by a dinosaur-bot makes me want to stay there!