June 7th, 2016


So, the weekend was...

... noisy and a little frenetic. The boys all cleaned up after their all-night video-game extravaganza pretty well, and no major damage was done. The grownups were worn out, but we survived, and the boys all had fun. Then our son had a volunteer orientation to go to (which we didn't realize was six hours long--wow), followed by going camping the next day with the same friends.

This was to be a one-night camp-out, which evolved from backpacking about five miles into the Desolation Wilderness (in June. Above the snow line. With a pair of Eagle scouts and mostly inexperienced others), and became car-camping at a nearby lake. ;) Much saner. I did text him about staying on the trails and open spaces, because of rattlesnakes. He said, "But we're at Folsom Lake!"

Meaning, he has not been paying attention to my ongoing stories of nearly or actually running over snakes on the bike path a couple of times every year. The bike path that connects to that lake, and is the same general habitat. Derrrr...

Other news: I wasted more than two hours messing with iTunes the weekend before last, in which it would not allow any editing of my iPod playlists or downloading new tunes. After Googling for help on the web, I was able to successfully downgrade to an earlier iTunes release (the 12.xx.xx apparently is feature-free, apart from using it as an online radio). I'll try to get new NightVale episodes on my iPod tonight, for the drive to San Diego, and if that doesn't work I'll be borrowing HalfshellHusband's mp3 player to do that. So much Apple-Hate!

Oh, speaking of the trip south... later in the same day as that last post, our daughter texted me that I should come on Friday instead. Not because she was feeling any less rude or self-entitled, but because she'd discovered that the campus will be flooded with people coming in for graduation, and so moving out on Saturday would be a terrible idea. Okay, then. *whatevs*

We watched The Lady In The Van last weekend (because Maggie Smith), and quite liked it. We're also about 8 episodes into Better Call Saul, which we liked much better than expected. Mike Ehrmentraut FTW! "Five-O" was such a terrific episode for him. We also like Kim a great deal, and Jimmy's unusual friendship with her.

Someday, I imagine that we'll get back into watching Homeland, but those episodes were on the external hard drive that mysteriously decided to become nonfunctional, and I have yet to rescue it. Keep on hoping! It's like denial, but in prettier clothes!

So, what are you all up to?