June 4th, 2016


Dreads I Am Dreading...

One of these is already underway—we're hosting one of the all night video-game extravaganzas our son and his friends like to have. Six teenage boys, boatloads of junk food, and mainly... mayhem in the house for some 19-20 hours. AUGHHHH!

For introverts, like HalfshellHusband and me, this kind of frenzy is basically a version of Hell.

Dread #2 is next weekend's drive to San Diego to pick up the oldest from college. She has to be out by noon on Saturday, and mentioned a week ago that I might want to leave on Thursday instead of Friday. Then I talked to her this Wednesday: "No! Don't come on Friday! I'll be saying goodbye to all my friends, I don't want you here! I will not see you before Saturday." Then she announced her new plan, which was for me to show up at 6 am (I'm not even AWAKE until about 8 am) and pack up the car so we can leave before that noon cutoff. After driving for 9-11 hours the previous day (depending on how traffic goes). I told her she needed to rethink that. And that I am not her sherpa. ;) She's so considerate of her friends, and then there's this kind of behavior with her own family: I don't want to see you but let me make some major new demands.

And she wonders why I call her on that kind of self-entitled behavior. :O

Dread #3 is the weekend afterward. God, what a summer this will be. The good news is that HalfshellHusband is getting a new hip! He's a couple of months overdue now, pain-wise, but he wanted to schedule it for when school got out so the kids would be around to help. The bad news is the two months or so of rehab and all the time he'll be stuck in bed (except for his trips outside to practice walking). We can't really go anywhere as a family this summer, and we couldn't do anything earlier because he was in too much pain. Needless to say, it'll be a long, unpleasant time for him, and I'm feeling stressed out and trapped in anticipation of it all (and in the extra work that is looming) :(

He's a little worried about the pain management plan afterwards, BUT, if this goes the way the previous hip replacement did... the loss of pain from the arthritis itself will dwarf the residual effect from the surgery. It has been that bad.

All right, back to the insanity. I'm not sure my ear plugs are going to cut it tonight. :O