May 17th, 2016


Could have sworn I was going to post this late last week...

Another weekend got away from me, with too little done. Our son had friends over both days for various school projects (only one of which we were at all expecting), so there was mayhem. That tends to frazzle me a little.

I'm trying to keep up the mileage for May is Bike Month. Friday was windy, but better than being in the garage? Sunday wasn't too bad. Yesterday it was windy near my office—as in, I had to do alternate routes that did not involve so much open exposure to crosswinds on roads with heavy traffic. I have a valuable out-and-back stretch of almost 12 miles that has a lot of traffic, but only one light. It's also in a rural farming area, and when the wind picks up, it's often a side-wind through there. The threat of being gusted into traffic (or, alternatively, the ditch) means there are times I can't use that route. Yesterday was a chore, but since today was going to be windier (!), I did it. Forgot that winds also tend to blow grit into my eyes. Ouch.

The S.F. Chronicle had an article last week about the "Immediate Family" work of photographer Sally Mann. I Googled a bunch of her pictures, and thought of bleodswean, somehow. I'm not sure I would have photographed my children naked quite so late in their lives, but for overall pictures from that collection, there is no question to me that some of them—like Blowing Bubbles—are clearly art. That one is breathtaking. It's a such a vivid mini-portrait of childhood, and shows so clearly why sometimes black-and-white photography is the best choice. Wow.

It also makes me miss the days when my kids were much younger, but then... what doesn't? *sniffle*

I read The Raven King, the final book of The Raven Cycle, and really enjoyed it—though I'm sorry the series is over! Good times... Now I'm reading Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Mycroft Holmes, since HalfshellHusband borrowed it from the library and was finished with it. I'm about 2/3 of the way through.

We watched the premiere of Houdini and Doyle last night. I love Michael Weston, but he is horribly miscast in that. SO modern and slangy-sounding. The modern background music is an abomination (I really dislike the anachronism of that, and it is becoming increasingly common), but we liked the casting of Doyle and of Constable Stratton very much. So, we'll see how it goes.

We're getting caught up on The Blacklist, too. Aram, how I adore you!

Annnnd, I hope the week picks up. Yesterday morning, I arrived at work with an email inbox full of various "fires" and an IM from my daughter that the fan on her laptop had stopped working. This is after the dead power cord and dying battery. Can it please just hang on until after her finals are done? Gah!