May 11th, 2016


Mid-week already...

I worked at home Monday (due to surprise!Daughter visit), so I'm a little "off" in my sense of what day it is. Mostly important as it relates to regular and new office meetings—wait, that's TODAY? :O

I got voted out of Idol this week, which was disappointing, but I really appreciate all the support and reading and votes from all of you during the journey. I have no Facebook presence, and my f-list isn't very active, so making it into the Top Ten is a challenge! :)

Our son enjoyed Prom, I guess? He went out to dinner with a group of friends, hung out with said friends during the event itself (but did not dance with anyone—I think he worked up the courage near the end to approach the girl he'd originally wanted to ask to Prom, but some other boy swooped in first and that was it). Afterward, the boys played video games all night at one of their houses (this is actually a regular thing for them). I think he had fun overall, and going (which falls into Trying New Things, which he's been reluctant to do since about age 6) was an event all by itself. Also, he had crab sushi for dinner, which was totally new for him. Any sushi. He learned a lesson about asking random girls to Prom, though—for the two boys who had dates, the girls sat on the other side of the table at dinner and then ran off and abandoned the boys entirely once they got to the Prom venue. That's really rude. The girls should have said "No" when asked, if they didn't really want to go with those particular guys.

We finally saw the Sleepy Hollow finale, and there was much hatred. Arghhhh. We'll be taking that off our viewing list next year. Also Grimm, which has become torturous in terms of some of the plot choices. Fan-service ran amok on that show, and was thwarted on Sleep Hollow. I'd like to reverse those results, please!

I got a recommendation from a Dreamwidth friend to try Dick Barton, Secret Agent for my drive to San Diego, and one for Lore from a friend here. I think this will force me to grapple with iTunes and get it working on my PC (it has reached the suicidal stage on HalfshellHusband's Windows XP computer, which previously managed our library and playlists). A comment thread on the previous entry shows exactly how I feel about iTunes. Ugh.

Biking today! Yesterday was a rest day, but overall I'm trying to get the mileage up for May Is Bike Month. My 400-mile goal may be too optimistic for this year (it was based on last year, when I was doing slightly longer rides), BUT... I may as well try!