April 8th, 2016


LJ Idol Friends & Rivals: "Happy Together"

Happy Together
idol friends and rivals | week 17 | 1721 words


Bob was the regular greeter at the Bayside Ford dealership in Brunswick. He stood tall in his blue three-piece-suit, ready and waiting with his arm extended for a handshake under the sign that read "We've got the car for you!"

As the ambassador for Bayside Ford, Bob was proud of his job and as reliable as they came. He was forthright and steady, unless he got knocked over by a stray foot—but someone always set him right back up again, poised to make each customer feel welcome. After closing, Bob liked to go out into the night and explore the city. He tended to keep to darker areas, where he was less noticeable and less likely to frighten anyone. His friendly posture seemed to be interpreted as aggressive by some people, and he got a lot of stares in general.

Maybe it was because of his flatness?

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