March 16th, 2016


LJ Idol Friends & Rivals: "Winter, Remembering Spring"

Winter, Remembering Spring
idol friends and rivals | week 14 | poem


There were trees surrounding the corner
where we sat when you called me beautiful.
They were leafy, their silk shade drifting
with the breeze, with the promise
of summer days gentled
by your devotion and love.

We were young,
still gathering our forevers
like ripened fruit,
like new flavors of possibility.

Hidden in the heart of the city,
this paradise glowed like something new,
like an undiscovered country
born from the hopes of lovers past.
Romance bloomed among the flowers
and curled like tendrils to hold us fast.

We were bound,
willing to journey together
through time and adventure
along the pathway of life.

We met again and again in that world
among the leaves, the everyday all but forgotten.
Murmuring the eternal poetry of love,
our words went deeper than doubts or dreams,
giving rise to new feelings, new life,
and a new history we two would unfold.

We were grown,
shaping those new generations
toward the brilliant future
they finally came to own.

You are gone now, so many years gone,
I could almost wonder how much of it was true.
But your eyes are here in our children,
and in their children, your wonderful smile.
That garden fell beneath the tide of pavement,
but I remember every beautiful moment, every feeling.

It is not the garden I miss, only you
and the life we shared.
I would relive it all again if I could,
all of it, exactly as before.

I remember everything.



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