January 2nd, 2016


It's January 2nd...

and I've already had Secret Spider Surprise shower #2 (see previous post). Truthfully, my reaction is generally, "Gah, why are you in here? Why are you ALWAYS in here?" And it isn't "always," but today? Sure felt like it.

We watched Spy last night, which was entertaining. I would have probably preferred it as a PG-13 movie instead of R-rated. I'm not really a fan of raunchy comedy, and those moments didn't add anything to the movie. But they did rob it of a potential audience of younger viewers who might have enjoyed it.

For garage-biking (because it's been below 50o all but one or two days in the last couple of weeks), I finished Breaking Bad, and am now getting back in synch with The Walking Dead. I'm in Season 3, and when I'd stopped watching it before it was because HalfshellHusband bailed on the show. But the Governor also reminded me of the idiot boss I was working for at the time, a guy who did real damage to my career and those of a few other people. Still kind of raises my stress level just seeing him! I still love Hershel, and Glenn is still my favorite, though I like Michonne a lot too. Andrea? I want to slap her, but I no longer want to slap Carol. So much "Argh" over Merle, and I hate his voice. Hey, at least it's never boring.

One more day until the grind resumes, and I'm just not ready. How about you?