The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Drabble Set One: Angel, Supernatural, House M.D.

I gave some drabbles away to speedy commenters, and the first three are ready!


Seeking Balance ("Angel," for witchofthedogs)

Lifetimes upon lifetimes, he is searching still for balance. So briefly mortal, so hell-driven after, he has taken lives in vicious blood-red pleasure.

Every demon he destroys, every spirit or curse conquered is an act of atonement for things he once did. He chases monsters, knowing that he was one— is one. This is why it matters, why his purpose is defined by separating himself from the legacy of his own sins.

The days churn forward with the maddening slowness of immortality. He upholds his promise to himself— to humanity— rendering justice where he can.

It will never be enough

-------- fin --------

Metallicar Christmas ("Supernatural"—the Impala celebrates Christmas for wenchpixie)

She loves the high-octane gas running through her system for today. Mmmm— slurk— it's the good stuff.

The crumbs in her interior aren't as welcome. A grain of salt now and then is fine, but food ground into the carpet makes her shudder. There'll be no shampooing, not in this weather. Those crumbs could last through April.

The wax is nice. Passing all the rust-buckets in the cities—the taste of salt limning her tires—she's glad for the protection.

And in the parking lot of the motel, the world tucked in for the night… a classic GTO.

Hello, handsome.

-------- fin --------

Never Trust The Man With The Cane ("House, M.D." for thelana)

"Stop eating that candy cane at me," Wilson says.

"At you?" House sits forward in his chair, waving the candy for emphasis. "I'm saving that for Cuddy, the next time she comes in here to lecture me with her bazooms falling out of her blouse: House, your testing expenses are through the roof. House, you owe me clinic hours. Myeh-myeh-myeh-myeh-MYEH-myeh."

"Scary. So you're just practicing right now?"

"Nope, just eating it. With my tongue. And extra attention to the tip. Mmmm…"

"Okay then, how about this? I've got one too: Mmmmm…"

"It's not funny when you do it."

"Never is."

-------- fin --------

Tags: angel, drabbles, house, my_fic, random-fandom, sn_gen
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