December 10th, 2015

Xmas Penguin

And yet...

Despite ambitions for last weekend, involving more Xmas shopping and Lego verification and possibly putting up some Xmas lights, I actually... wrote my Idol entry, did SOME Lego work, did minor Xmas shopping, and tried to cram alllll the leaves into containers before Sunday's rain (every freakin' weekend goes like this).

I ran out of containers, daylight, and dry weather long before getting at more than just some of the leaves. In Sacramento, they come down in earnest in December, just when you have a ton of other things to do. I'm trying to get them out of the flowerbeds and off the lawn areas where I put up Xmas lights, or they will merge into the mud and become disgusting. I would say the leaves won the battle last weekend—my back paid for that attempt for two days!

I've made more headway into Breaking Bad, and I'm at about episode 5x04. Skler is annoying me no end, and yet I'm not sure she's wrong. Mike continues to be awesome. Walter... god, at the end of Season 4, I'm so horrified by his ruthlessness. All around good television, really.

Also listening to more Led Zeppelin on youtube. The Celebration Day 2012 concert is really pretty good (decent recording quality on the live performance of "In My Time Of Dying," which is one of my favorite Zepp songs and the only video I've seen of Jimmy Page working that guitar). HalfshellHusband pointed our son and me to Rolling Stone's Review of Led Zeppelin's debut album, which is kind of maddening in a lot of ways. Unnecessarily racist, seems to think that John Bonham is a terrible drummer and Jimmy Page worthless as a songwriter, and that the whole album is just overall "blah." Zeppelin did a lot of blues covers, but some of their best just transform the material. I've listened to other versions of IMTOD, where there is practically no recognizable melody, and the original of "When The Levee Breaks" is... unimpressive, to say the least. And who listens to the musical effects in "Dazed and Confused" in 1969 and says, "Boy, that's ordinary"?? Our son says the Rolling Stone has never liked Led Zeppelin, and I guess he has a point.

Other links: Back In Black as you've never seen it before. It works altogether too well. And from a few years ago on the Jimmy Fallon show, A Game of Desks. Lots of people didn't find it particularly funny, but as a sendup, I really liked it. Plus, excellent fake opening credits.

All right. Our daughter comes home for winter break tonight (YAYYYYY!), and my husband is encouraging focusing on indoor Xmas decorations more than outdoor. We have a lot of both, and I feel tired just thinking about it all. I'm pretty sure I'll have to start some of the holiday baking, though, to handle coworkers I need to get stuff to by next Friday and for the Bay Area relatives (because who knows when that handoff is happening? Usually when I least expect it, like mid-week or something).

How is Hannukah going for those who celebrate it? And Christmas prep?