November 26th, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving!

To those of you who celebrate it, I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Our daughter was able to come home from college, which was unexpected, so that's the best part of all for us. :D

We'd hoped to have Chinese food on Thanksgiving, as HalfshellHusband is our cook and his wrist is still broken. But everything is closed—not surprising, as this is a holiday virtually all Americans celebrate. The backup plan for pizza was foiled because it was reached too late—five minutes before Papa Murphy's closed, and they're not open this morning either. So, the daughter wanted to cook (I feel there should be quotation marks around that or something), and she and I went to the store late last night to get ingredients for mashed potatoes, whipped cream, and "whatever." We both decided a turkey was too daunting (and frozen and large), and I wouldn't know what to do with a pre-cooked one. We do ours on the Weber.

So, we are having steak instead (also a Weber project), potatoes, cornbread, and the chocolate pie our daughter made this morning, and probably a nice salad. Good enough, I say!

No parade-watching or football games yet, but maybe a movie this afternoon. For those of you who've heard me mention Limitless, I wound up looking up an earlier episode online the other night just to rewatch "Smart Brian" do clay-puppet theater on video (to get his points across to "Average Brian"), and then the inevitible moment when Brian arrives home to find the Colin Salmon baddie waiting in the dark and accosting him with, "Why is there a clay effigy of me on your coffee table?"

If you haven't seen the show, that kind of humor is what makes it irresistible to me.

Happy celebrations to the American folks, and happy Thursday to all others!


Real Lj Idol Friends and Rivals: "The Good Things In Life"

The Good Things In Life
idol friends and rivals | week 0.5 | 290 words
The Giving Of Thanks


"Hey, toots, what'cha doin'?"

"Hi, Grandmpa. I'm doing my Thanksgiving project. The teacher asked us to show some things we were thankful for."

"Oh, so it's like homework. At your age? Waste of good play time, you ask me. What'cha got so far?"

"I have Mommy and Mittens and you… ice cream, and rainbows, and chickens—"

"Chickens! You can't put chickens, those things are terrible. They'll kill you in your sleep."

"Farm chickens?"

"In your sleep."

"Huh. Mommy likes chickens."

"Your Ma does not like chickens. She used to run from chickens when she was a kid, like they was gonna peck her eyes out. She ever saw a chicken, she'd be across the yard faster than you could say Tetanus shot."

"My mommy? Really?"

"Yep. She knew what was what, back then… What else you gonna put on there?"

"Maybe ponies and French fries, and… ladybugs?"

"Those are all good things, Pumpkin. I like 'em."

"What would you put, Grandpa?

"Oh, you know. Pretty much like that. And the Mets. And your Grandma Junie, of course."

"But Grandma Junie's gone now. Can you do that?"

"You betcha. We had forty good years together. More would've been nice, but we were lucky to get what we had. I'll always be grateful for that."

"Did Grandma Junie like chickens?"

"Kid, nobody likes chickens, I'm telling you."

"Do you think I have enough things I'm thankful for?"

"You're only six and that's a lot of words, so I sure hope so. Hey, you wanna get ice cream?"

"Ice cream, yay!"

"Go get your coat and see if your Ma wants to come. I'll put this stuff away."

Ah, Junie, you would've loved this little girl somethin' fierce. She's a real pip.