July 5th, 2015



My bicycle is in the shop, owing to a minor accident—well, minor for me, less for the bike. It started when my foot slipped out of the pedal while drinking water, and things got kind of brakeless. I tried to stay on the bike path, but veered off the edge and crashed. Not terribly hard, NOT over the side of the hill, and not as fast as it could have been. No broken bones, just a stinging and bleeding arm and a scraped hip. The bike looked okay, and I thought it was good to ride, but I'd bent the chain ring on it. I'd have gone the whole rest of my planned distance otherwise, but instead rode carefully back home while managing the gears so the chain didn't slip off.

The cut on my arm was deeper than I thought, but... eh. Not worth waiting around at the E.R. for a couple of stitches, and it'll scar anyway. No, the really harsh part was taking the bike to the shop and discovering I need a whole new crank set that has to be special-ordered. Bikeless for a week. Ugh. There was also the usual harassment about, "You sure put a lot of miles on this thing. Boy, these gears are really worn" for about ten minutes before the guy (ALL the guys) admitted that they tend to do the same because they don't want to be without a bike for more than 2 days either. Ahem.

So. :(

In other news, since I haven't posted forever... we saw Mad Max: Fury Road on Father's Day (stylistic, ridiculous, adrenaline-charged and hugely entertaining), Chappie last weekend on DVD ("off" in a lot of ways, and depressing rather than fun), and I finished a couple of books. The Lost Boys Symphony was really intriguing: schizophrenia, time-travel, and the bonds of friendship. I also read Never Go Back, a Jack Reacher novel I hadn't planned on starting just yet, but it came up as unrenewable last week, so I dived into it. A good read, as always. Next up: The Ghost Shift (already vetted by my son!), and The Boy Who Lost Fairyland (ditto). I swear I will finish The Fifth Elephant soon, and stem the backlog of books in the "to read" pile. They're multiplying about twice as fast as I read them. :(

We've been watching more Breaking Bad, and are now in Season 2. Man, the writing on that show is good. I like the shading within the characters (Hank, for instance, so unexpected), and I kind of fell in love with Walter's son with his first line about the breakfast 'facon' tasting "like bandaids." I also started to really see the attraction of Walter/Jesse slash, even or especially the dirty-bad-wrong kind, and after spotting a couple of pictures like

this one,

it totally amplified. That pic is a manip, but I didn't realize it at first, and Zing! Damn, now I'm staying up until all hours and reading Breaking Bad RPF, and it has a solid hold on me. Walter and Jesse (and Bryan and Aaron) forever! Don't judge me. :O

ETA: Just found this Bryan & Aaron vid, which was adorable. *happy sigh*

The Fourth was great, although hot, and we spent it as we always do, visiting my brother's family for BBQ and a fireworks homeshow, and then driving the hour back home and coming up on Sacramento with fireworks going off in various spots all over the city. There's something elating about that—it really feels like a celebration.

So, I hope all of you 'Mericans had a great Fourth, and that nobody else is sweltering quite like we are. Though I hear the Pac NW is not doing much better. Gah. Too much summer.