April 27th, 2015


No, not that!

I suddenly remembered this morning that I'm supposed to get a blood draw to check my thyroid levels and see how well my measles vaccination is holding up (it was in that iffy era where the vaccines were weaker). I'm several weeks overdue on this, and will I get to it soon? Ummm...

My doctor does not realize that I'm phobic about blood draws (needles-in-veins, really), so I have to force myself to do it. It virtually always hurts the entire time, too, which just reinforces the phobia. I don't mind shots—they're just painful. But this? I found out a few years ago that my dad had this same phobia, and he was a doctor!

My mother is doing pretty well, and has even gone out to lunch with a group of other ladies from her senior community who have a club that goes out monthly. The people there have been very supportive of her, and she finds them all really nice, so that's a good place for her to be right now even though she's alone. I didn't ask how the training sessions with the Heinous Hound are going, but it has to be an improvement as long as he gets to the point where he doesn't yank or knock her down.

She mentioned that she was having real trouble with The Sisters Brothers, and that doesn't surprise me. She says things like that in a tone I can't help but hear as accusatory, and I reminded her that the book was a gift to Dad (who enjoyed it quite a bit). We ran into this years ago with Stephen Colbert's, I Am America, And So Can You. She said that maybe she didn't have much of a sense of humor anymore, and I said I'd really loaned that book for Dad to read (he liked irony and satire quite a bit, and my mother doesn't). I mean, there are books he'd slog through (Joseph Conrad) that my mother wouldn't even have tried to read, so I know she doesn't imagine their tastes were identical. She doesn't like any of the characters in The Sisters Brothers, though that may change if she sticks with it. There's a reason Eli is the narrator of that story and not Charlie, and that made her think a little.

Biking: my rides near the office generally involve a long stretch into a rural area where there is one light and one stop sign (I u-turn before I hit it), and the prevailing winds are from the side. This is great so long as it's not really gusty/windy. There are fields where herds of cattle periodically graze, and last Thursday there was a random spotted white horse in the field with all the cows, looking confused. Today was a tour-de-roadkill: a turkey (probably), a white golden-tailed hawk (?), and two frogs. I've seen the dead frogs before—they're always lying on their backs, with their front flippers up in a "Praise Jesus!" position. Maybe they try to hop out into the road and run into the side of a car? IDK, but they always wind up the same way.

Now that it's Monday, I'm mourning the fact that Sleepy Hollow is over for the season. That's one of our guilty pleasures, along with The Black List (still on). We've been watching Backstrom (between that and Grimm my Portland longings get a workout every week). Backstrom is entertaining, though I mourn how Thomas Dekker is looking these days, and I would pay real money for Rainn Wilson to keep his shirt on. Criminy. OTOH, Dennis Haysbert and his voice are also on the show, and so is a guy who kind of looks like Dominic Purcell (and makes me wish WERE Dominic Purcell).

Okay, back to work (testing all the things!) Hope you all had a good weekend!