April 17th, 2015


Drabble Fire Sale

Free drabbles to the first five commenters—original or fandom (one I know!) and a prompt, please. I'll set you up.

Time was, (*pulls up rocking chair*) I'd hit the limit in a flash, and now it's like I can't give the darn things away. I think they're still good? *thumps a lid or two* Yep, still fresh.


I feel as if I need to start reading my library books double-time. Somehow, Murphy's Law conspires to make all of my "on-hold" books available at once, and any book you had a hold on will of course have someone else waiting for it after you. I.e., no renewals! So, I'm trying to finish The Wondershow and some Lisa Scottoline book (not one of her better ones, but not bad, and it's in large print which sadly now matters). I was partway through The Shining (which I've now renewed) on the Kindle, but two other e-books popped up recently. This ignores the Jeffrey Deaver book, a Geoffrey Macguire book, and a Terry Pratchett book I may or may not read, all of them sitting in the book basket by the front door. Thank goodness for "read and return"—I can take as long as I want for those.

I want to read everything all at once, and this takes me to my usual state of "Why am I not retired? Or why haven't I won the lottery yet?" Which is so not going to happen!