April 14th, 2015


It's just lying there, baking in the sun, and you're not helping it, Leon!

It looks as if ebooks-tree has removed the fanfic they stole from other sources. They had 10 of my stories up, but I just checked now and it looks as if the stories are gone. Same for several authors on my f-list who were there just the other day. I hope this is the end of it.

Our son bailed out on Bladerunner (which was disappointing), so our family movie this past weekend was The Hidden. We'd described it as being a B-movie, so he was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't... trashier? Stupider? Who knows. Mainly, it can't possibly be an A-movie with its storyline. I love it—the buddy-cop relatioship, the aliens who love fast cars and punk music, the random absurdities, the second alien (a guy in his 60s who is a wonderfuly incongruous manifestation of the alien, given its tastes in entertainment), the shootout at a mannikin factory (!), and the unexpected pathos of the ending.

The DVD version has a couple of changes from the VHS/theater-release version. One cleaned up a clumsy edit, but the other used a different film-take during the last 20 seconds of the story, and it changed the tone of the ending. Whyyyy??? The original ending had complicated sub-feelings that left you feeling both sorrowful and hopeful at the same time, and I much preferred it. Still love the movie, though.

We're behind on Justified, so I'm hoping not to get spoiled over the ending. I could use many more episodes of Sleepy Hollow than the season offers (what a guilty pleasure that show is), more episodes of The Blacklist just because, and a whole makeover of Grimm—or mainly, the early first season back. I would also like Battle Creek not to get cancelled. *fingers crossed*

Still lacking in writing inspiration, so let me mention the fandom limerick challenge again. Please, leave me a fandom and a prompt and rescue me from mailaise and the temptations of Spider Solitaire. :D