April 8th, 2015


For a total score of Zero...

It's the 8th day of Poetry Month, and I have yet to post a single poem. I started one last night, but fell asleep after finishing the first two lines. Lines, not stanzas. This is not impressive...

I have something to share, though: courtesy of matchboximpala, Every Argument About Buffy On The Internet. It covers most of the gamut, if not as brutally as I might like. Maybe I wasn't Internet-vocal enough about my own complaints, and they got omitted? Such as,
  • Bisexuality is an actual thing. Willow+Tara does not negate Willow+Oz or vice versa. Both were real.
  • Tara's Season 6 storyline—what the hell were they thinking?
  • Demon Anya's Season 7 storyline—see above.
  • Re: S7 and the Slumber Party of Slayerettes... whatever happened to "There can only be one"?
  • Kennedy and that whole romantic subplot. Insult added to injury in so many ways!
  • Spike's backstory. Enough said.

  • I have no rants about the Mayor or Mr. Trick. I enjoyed every bit of weirdness those two characters brought to the show.

    We're watching the few remaining Simpsons episodes we recorded during that marathon block in the fall. Sunday, we caught one that featured "Mouse, M.D." as the Itchy and Scratchy episode. It included Dr. Mouse with stubble, a differential-diagnosis whiteboard, and a tiny little flame-cane. \o/

    Oh, now I have a nice, derivative idea for poetry month. Here goes: leave me a fandom (one I know) and perhaps a prompt in the comments, and I'll write a limerick for you. (and why not?)