April 3rd, 2015


We're back...

My dad's wake went well, with some 50-60 attendees—including old friends from his professional years. All of his siblings have passed away, as he was the baby of the family at 88, so only his immediate family could come. Good stories were told, both the funny kind and those of people he had helped. We sure miss him, though my mother is coping pretty well.

We visited more with family on Sunday, then three of us went to the coast on Monday (my son got some kind of 'tude about driving all the way there and back inside of the 8-hour trips to and from Oregon, which I can understand but think of as one of those "Yes it's a pain, but I'd regret missing out later" kind of decisions). Pretty nice weather overall, except for the all-day rain on Tuesday that subverted my running plans.

I went running today, instead—all 5 miles, for the first time in weeks. The weather has been getting warmer, which has worn me out before hitting the full distance. Then I did yard work that got out of hand, and finally got showered and ready to go shopping at... 5pm. Yay. I found some comfortable black flats that promise to stay on my feet. No sandals—I tried a nice-looking pair that was too high and therefore painful, and another where the shoes were security-tied backwards so that you could only try on one shoe at a time and never actually walk in them. Every single pair in the store was like that. Only that particular model. Weeks from now, someone will wonder why that shoe isn't selling. ;)

I looked at dresses, after failing to find anything new for my Dad's wake over the past several weeks. I even went on an emergency trip to Target the day before the wake, but almost everything is cheap fabrics and/or loud geometric/wacky prints (you know— the 70s). Today's trip was the same. :(

What did not happen: Rite Aid, to replace Easter Candy that has been eaten (don't ask) and check for cherry tomato plants. Probably tomorrow's plan, in addition to bicycling (today was too windy). When will the home decluttering happen? I wish I knew.

Hello new people who may have recently friended me. I swear I'm not normally this boring! Do you have any questions you want to ask? Please feel free!

Criminy, Firefox is running at a snail's pace after yesterday's upgrade, which is making me SOOOO glad I did THAT. o_O The frequency of "Important update available!" notifications and nags is starting to remind me of Microsoft... :O