February 5th, 2015


LJ Idol Season Nine: "A Distant Land"

A Distant Land
idol season nine | week 36 | 1579 words


Louisa Mae Danvers was not an experienced traveler, but when she came across a brochure for a company catering to older women, she decided the idea was too good to pass up. Besides, she had always wanted to go to Europe.

She packed travel guides and clothes, and a set of those funny electrical adapters. She also added sunscreen, a good pair of tennis shoes, and an umbrella that would serve as portable shade, a walking stick, or even a weapon—depending on what the occasion required.

On the long flight to Rome, Louisa Mae read and dozed and watched some incomprehensible mess of a movie trying to pass itself off as comedy. The plane landed in Rome just before noon, and the tour group arrived at the hotel lobby at one-thirty.

"This is a free afternoon," the guide said, "so you're welcome to rest or go out on your own."

Louisa Mae had no intention of wasting her first day in Rome. "I'd like to go out for a bit," she said. "Would anyone care to join me?"

The other women were more interested in napping. Louisa Mae took her things to the room she would be sharing with Effie Miller from Duluth, deposited her luggage and changed into her tennis shoes. She went back downstairs, taking her purse and umbrella with her, and asked the nice man at the concierge desk what sort of places he would recommend nearby.

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